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Joanna Barnum is a freelance illustrator and portrait painter based in the Baltimore, Maryland area. She is known for her expressive mastery of watercolor and ink. Check out Joanna's work @

Auralea Krieger is a mixed-media artist specializing in visual storytelling.
Check out Auralea's work @

Jerry Seaton is an east coast painter working primarily in plein air alla prima (on location, in one sitting).He is influenced by American Impressionism and Russian landscape painting along with contemporary representationalism and abstract expressionism.       
Check Out Jerry's work @

Sandy Love has been creating art professionally for 35 years. 
Her focus in Mosaics began in 2000. At first, it was a simple admiration of the form. The transition from admiration to creation soon followed.  She began to research construction techniques
and began collecting objects which she wove into her first mosaics.
Check out Sandy's work click here

Dan Westfall has been traveling and photographing Europe's most overlooked sites for the past 15 years. He travels two to three times a year, mainly in the fall and winter, when the natural elements enhance subject matter and are visually at their peak. Check Out Dan's work @

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